‘Parties, democracy and the politics of climate change’ Workshop Report

On Friday the 30th of January, the Climate Policy and Political Parties project organised an international workshop held at Friends House in London. The theme of the event was ‘Parties, democracy and the politics of climate change’.

The workshop featured presentations from the Climate Policy and Political Parties projects team intended to explore the first phase of the project’s findings. Amongst the others there were contributions from policy practitioners including academics, politicians, researchers and think tanks representatives.

The Introductory keynote speech was given by Professor Lord Julian Hunt, The Vice Chairman and Director of Globe UK, commenting on the struggles for ambitious climate policies and whether the political parties play a role or not. The presentations continued with Dr Conor Little presenting the methodological features of the project, followed by Prof Robert Ladrech attributing to the comparative perspective of climate policy and political parties and Prof Neil Carter commenting on party politics of climate change in Britain. After the break Dr Stephen Fisher gave a presentation on trends in attitudes towards climate change in the case of Britain. The workshop concluded with Michael Jacobs, Gordon Brown’s Special Adviser on climate change talking about the prospects for international climate agreement in 2015 and its impact on domestic politics.